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A box serialized to the revolver adds $100-$200 to the value to a collector. the better the revolver, the more value is added by the box. A beat up revolver in the box... "Meh" on the box. A new unturned one in the box... it's worth $200.

Without the box...


NEW (unfired) is "New".

Excellent is Excellent.

Used is Used


Abused is Abused.

If it's a REALLY nice one, preserve it. Makes no difference if it's NEW or just... "new".

If you want a shooter, you can find a shooter that has already lost it's value as a collector and preserve this one. Just don't take a really nice one and make a daily shooter out of it. One that's already shot 500 rounds will be worth the same after it's shot 5000. One that is new or nearly new will be worth the same as the one that's shot 5000 after it's shot 50.


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