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To each his own. i used to like class III stuff, and shot many many thousands of rounds back before Reagan signed the 86 GCA.

Now, I get a blast out of shooting fewer rounds, and have grown to really like the old "standard" (non pistol grip) type of stocks. I also like not having to buy magazines, not that I wouldn't already have several mags for any rifle I would use at this point.

I like my Russian SKS immensely, and had Bill Springfield do a trigger group on it. Heck, I can shoot maybe 40 or 50 rounds of the inexpensive Russian imported ammo through it and really enjoy it.

The 7.62 AK has never really got on well with me, though I really like the AK74, especially on "auto." That brake just tames the muzzle of that rifle like nobody's business.

Get what appeals to you.
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