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All very nice pistols, but herein lies a real risk of mission creep!!

Initially, I was interested in what looked like nice 9mm Para guns to compliment my Glock. When they came to nothing, I find myself with some cash and a semi buying permit all burning a hole in my pocket: that is the main reason I am keeping my eyes open for a great deal.

I was not looking for a .380 initially, but that used 232 caught my eye as it really is a great deal (in relative terms) compared to a new price and looking at it through the glass it looked like a nice example.

Now, my gun buying fever, as Chettt put it, had me considering the Astra instead as its price tag is not so toe-curling to me.

From there I could easily start considering the likes of the Mak PM, CZ83, and Beretta Cheetah purely because of the shared calibre with the Sig, when the PM is the only gun I have any previous feelings about and yet none of those would come close to either the Astra or the 232 in terms of looks which is where this little adventure started!!

I'd justifiably kick myself if I started lusting after a 232 but ended up buying a Sphinx AT380 at more than the Sig just because it had the same calibre.... How messed up is that?! Just the sort of daftness I am capable of!

I tell, this is like going to the gym: exhausting!!

PS, is this a bad time to point out that I could buy a brand new Ruger LCP or CZ83 for the same as that Sig?
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