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The M&P is made by Smith & Wesson.

I bought a Smith and Wesson 1911 Pro series 9mm last night. Will take it to the indoor range tomorrow. It is a slightly looser fit than my PM9 but I think it will work fine.

I bought a Ruger SR1911 CMD last week and have had no failures with it but it shoots 2 inches low and 1 inch right at 12.5 yards.

Two friends shot it Friday at the outdoor range and all experienced the same thing. I can fix the windage thing easy enough but will talk to the gunsmith over at Caswells about either lowering the front sight by about .022 in. or raising the rear sight. I will probably have to get a shorter front sight. Just taking some material off the sight won't work if you still want to use the three dots.

Funny thing is, I have the Ruger full size SR1911 and it shoots to point of aim.

I have a Springfield loaded M1911-A1 in 9mm on order from Buds and have paid for that one to get their guaranteed price. I have had one on order at Caswells since December and was surprised to get a call from them yesterday telling me they noticed I had a long standing order for the Springer and they were still not sure when they would be able to get one. That is when the guy told me they had just received the Smith and asked me if I might want to look at it and they gave me first right of refusal.

I just paid off the CC and like a dummy I went over there and looked at it and the rest is history.

I have it all cleaned up and will shoot it tomorrow. I have been dry firing the gun and the trigger is about the same as the Dan Wesson. It is pretty good.

The gun came with two Wilson Combat mags and I like that a lot. I ordered two more from Midway Shooting supplies and should be able to use those mags on the DW and the Springer. . .if it ever comes in.

I like .45 a lot but 9mm is a real fun caliber to shoot and I did get 2000 rounds of 9mm for $450 bucks just before the crap hit the fan so I can have some fun for a while.

Hope all is well with you!

Carpe Cerveza
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