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Still the same problems with the Astra would apply as they did back then: too few spares (although, being a PPK copy, perhaps some spares are interchangeable with the Walther
The Astra Constable is a far cry from a PPK copy or clone. The gun has been out of production for a good while and parts would be a concern. I carried a Constable back in the '70s and really liked it, but I'd look for something more modern today I think. If the price is good however, the Constable is a comparable pistol, more or less.

The Beretta is top tier too. Very comparable in size and weight to the P232.

Another European pistol you may come across is the Sphinx AT-380. It's compact, has a great trigger and the magazine holds more rounds, 10 or 11 round mags available. Weighs about the same as a stainless P232.

There are many option in this genre. Some really terrific, world class guns. One of the more enjoyable types to shop for. I love my .380s
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