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Miner seems to be on the level, but
Still a politian............
it is the rest of the crowd (did you read it all?)
it sure looks they have it out for "US".

I can't wait for next election season

Funny as NOT ONE of them has publicly supported 2A, in other states
some politicos have announced and stood their stance..not to mention their political actions...

My guess is that anyone who "Played Ball" with the O'man , Biden and DF team
will get a big Washinton job, appointment, etc..
Next year in 2014... I am posting my prediction NOW..

The Connecticut crowd, Coumo, Bloomberg, Christie, etc..
just wait..
**** NRA Life Member *****

Connecticut was the Cradle of the Gun Industry, NOW it is just a Pine Box,
Courtesy of our Governor "Chairman MAO Malloy"
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