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Gun show pricing Ft Lauderdale Fl this weekend

Last month was insane, waits and pricing. 2/24 pricing on hand guns (regular pricing no shortages) All long guns available maybe a bit higher (due to less haggling)
No shortages on reload supplies or reloaded ammunition at ok pricing
Primers casings lots. (North GA reloading) had a huge display and tons of product ok pricing
The regular big ammo seller had at least a million rounds of popular stuff but at high pricing (av 40 cents on 9mm) tins and cases of anything and everything.
Fast forward to this morning I go to Walmart to try again just for cci mini mags and 9mm bulk packs to resupply what I am going to shoot today and no luck so I am going to quit trying Walmart for 6 months and just pay the new price levels-9mm before Walmart wwb 21 cents a round now gun show 34-38 cents reload and new
Wish I knew how to reload since there are tons of stuff available. In Alaska a friend of mine owns a huge hunting and fishing camp and buys his ammunition and reloading supplies by the pallet and said this week he has a very hard time finding primers now. In GA. friends how are hard core survivalists and have large stock piles state they cannot find in any quantities primers or reloaded or new ammunition. Friend in Atlanta went to Ga arms factory and were told sorry boys not this week or month simply because of filling back orders.
I purchased another 22 hand gun now just to cut down on the 9mm I am using from my own stocks for shooting weekly to bi weekly.
North Florida in the deep woods I have a relative that shoots 500 to 1000 rounds a week on his farm between family members and has not put a dent in his 556 supply. I simply quit shooting 556 and 223 and will not shoot those again until I can replenish below 50 cent a round
Friday Bass Pro had enormous stock piles of any shot gun round they carry and 380 but no 22 and no 9mm
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