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wads etc

guys thanks for all the replies.
Those that make your own kudos. I'm a pureist at heart and try to use only what they likely had readily available back in the day.
I make my own lube from real beeswax and hog lard. Hog being the most readily available.
Backthen they may have had other lards depending on where they were at that were more available to them.
In my revolvers I went to paper cartridge no wads and home lubed hand cast conical.
Haven't noticed any big change in accuracy between them and RB.
Same with my 50 cal rifle. Went to lube conicals.
For those that responded that they buy their wads. I also asked what caliber, cost and freight.
These are what I am really looking for.
Also when you buy, how much do you buy at a time to offset the freight cost or do buy something else.
I'm interested in the prices you are paying around the country at local stores, and online sites.
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