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The point is, if it made competition ammo better in competition guns, they WOULD be using it.

Guys who make money, set records, win national/international competition will try EVERYTHING.

I don't have any more to say on it because I don't really care if it works or not in this particular gun or that particular gun or for that guy or this one.

I'm just pointing out the obvious. If it worked, in competition, they'd be using it. They don't, so it doesn't. It doesn't, so they don't.

If some new bat came out (that was legal) and made huge claims, a whole bunch of the best big league hitters would try it. If it worked, they'd use it. If it didn't, they wouldn't. The same is true of any and every other sport. The "big guys" find out what works and what doesn't and they use what does.

Everybody else argues about it.
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