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Steve, I know better than to unbalance good bullets by putting an uneven groove around them. There's no way that crimp will create the same groove depth and shape all the way around. Therefore, the bullet's center of mass has shifted. That will unbalance them more than they already are. They'll jump further off the muzzle axis when they exit; and they all won't jump off axis in the same direction. To say nothing of the inconsistant and heavier release force it creates that increases muzzle velocity spread as well as making the pressure curve different for each shot.
More speculation and opinion? Afraid to try the LFCD? Excuse after excuse after excuse, but NO facts and no real data from your bench.

I actually test my loads and my theories at the bench. Sometimes my theories are correct, often times not. My real life testing disagrees with your opinions and theories. I have actually tested the LFCD and shown my results, where is your?
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