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Need an accurate 158 gr. load for my Model 14

After learning that a Distinguished Revolver badge must be earned in competition with 158 gr. ammunition, I loaded up 100 rounds of 158 gr. LSWC with 3.0 grains of AA#2, a light plinking load I have used before at the range for casual shooting. Let's just say the results were AWFUL at 50 yards. It was difficult to keep shots in the scoring rings at all, let alone inside the 7 ring. I suppose I could attribute some of it to the increased recoil of the gun, but after working at it I am accustomed now to averaging well into the 80s with my physically identical Model 17, so I didn't expect anywhere near what I saw yesterday. The funny thing is, the lack of accuracy wasn't nearly as evident at the 25 yard line, where the results were comparable if not slightly better than results in previous matches shot using 148 grain wadcutters in the same gun.

I discussed this with other shooters and they noted that it's very difficult to find a good 50 yard 158 gr. load. One, a very knowledgeable Master Bullseye shooter, suggested using Federal 158 gr. LRN commercial ammo, which he's found to be the most accurate, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible due to cost and difficulty just finding the ammo.

Realizing that different guns like different loads, can anyone suggest a good recipe to try? I have Bullseye, Titegroup, AA#2 and Unique available. Is there a "classic" 158 gr. load used for Bullseye?

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