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I suspect something wrong and I'd send it back or try a different mag. I have a Neos and it has proven to be the most reliable .22 semi pistol I've owned and I've owned several. The quality of the 2 mags that came with mine is really good, and they are very easy to load. I've fired close to 1500 rounds and have had zero malfunctions and only one round failed to fire. The round was stuck hard twice and still failed to fire.

I've fired a couple brands of ammo. However the vast majority has been the Federal Auto Target (or similar name?) sold by Walmart in 325 round boxes. I've found the Federal reliable, accurate and affordable (of course Walmart has none now). Something may be wrong with your pistol or mags to have that many failures to feed, in my non-expert opinion. Most reviews of the Neos I've read seems owners find them reliable.

As an aside I run all my pistols lubed with RemOil (I like the Teflon, it remains after the visible oil is gone) and Sentry High Slip Grease. I cannot recommend the Sentry High Slip enough. I think it the best available. Will not thicken at 65 below zero and lubes to 700 degrees above zero. Does not wash off in water either. Also is approved by the military for Spec. Forces and Seal Teams according to the label. Also does not dry out in storage. I recently fired my AR rifle that was lubed with the stuff approx 2 years ago and stored. Ran slick as a whistle with no additional lube. Great stuff.

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