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It's funny to read this and see all the typical myths about the 50 BMG round. Then there are some posts with factual info about the 50 BMG.

The 50 BMG is not some uber weapon of death, it was designed to take out tanks but by the time WWII rolled around it was obsolete. When changed to the M3 aircraft version and had the cyclic rate upper to 1000+ rounds per minute, it ripped planes to shreds.

With new weapons and upgraded M2's along with better ammo like the SLAP and Mk-211 mod 0 Raufoss, these weapons will take out lightly armored vehicles. They will also punch through concrete walls, cars, sandbags... Then add in the fact that you can make hits on targets past a mile, that's pretty friggin awesome for a round that's been around for almost 100 years.

As for BC of the round, even ball ammo has a BC of .6+ which is still more then most other rounds. Another thing about the 50 BMG round is that it displaces so much air that you can actually follow it to the target and make corrections.
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