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Hi KK...

Women do have a few problems re; weapon concealment, retention(security), etc.
My main advice is to always carry on your person. Many forum members or firearm tactics instructors may advise you use a purse or bag but that can be stolen or you could be at a loss in a high stress critical incident.
There are new holsters & carry methods that provide a few choices for J frame revolvers or semi-auto compact pistols like a model 27 .40S&W pistol.
Check these sites; .
Lenny Magill markets a few under-shirt/t-shirt styles that fit women & the site has a few bike shorts/garments with pockets for gear/small firearms.
I'd carry at least 1 reload or spare magazine too. Remember the old LE/US armed forces saying; 2 is 1 and 1 is none.
With J frame snub revolvers many gun owners & armed professionals(male & female) use Tuff Product Quik Strips or the old stand-by; the Bianchi Speed Strip. 2 strips of .38spl +P or .357magnum can fit snug in a Aloids tin.
A laser-aimer or CT lasergrip isn't a bad add-on either; .
As posted, dark colors, thick fabrics, and patterns-designs conceal better but due to weather or lifestyle, dress may be a issue.
I read a article years back where a gun writer compared concealing weapons to a illusionist, using colors & dress styles to avert a viewer's eyes or to be discreet.

If you can, buy a full length mirror or give your concealed carry method a quick check before you go anywhere.
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