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Yeah, this isn't really the place to be talked out of a good purchase like that, mate.

I, too, have suffered P232 sickness. When I was agonizing over which .380 to get, that and the P238 topped the list. The practical side of me is very glad I got the P238, the aesthetic side of me... well, it's shrunken and small from under-use, but I'm pretty sure it beats its head against the side of its cell in periodic longing for the P232, even now!

I say, if you have the funds for a fun-gun and don't have a problem letting it sit in the safe, then by all means go for it. If you're like me, and everything you buy but don't use torments you little by little, just appreciate the pictures. It's not worth it, the torment and guilt trips can't compensate for the moment of "oooh, shiny!" you get at the beginning of ownership.

EDIT: God, it IS gorgeous in stainless, isn't it? I had forgotten!
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