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At one of the two local shops I frequent, I seen 2 AR-15's, an AR-18 and a 1 Ruger Mini-14 on the shelf, along with your generic pump shotguns, leverguns, etc. Yes, it would seem that guns themselves are kind of around, but abundant supplies of something like .223/5.56 is still very rare. I did see a whole lot of 7.62x39 in this same shop. They're Sellier & Bellot steel-cased, which for the life of me, I can't find online. I don't think it's being made anymore. The guy obviously took it out of storage for penny-pinching, because I paid $15 per box... Even still, I'm seeing a lot of 5.56 and even standard .223 rounds going for $1 a round. That's absolutely ridiculous, so I can't complain about .75 a round I guess.

It doesnt seem like theres a big run on 7.62x39 guns or ammo, at least not like AR's and .223/5.56. I am currently in a pretty rural area, so that could have something to do with it of course.

I am seeing some .22's on the shelf, which have been impossible to find, and pretty much everything else is in good supply around here.
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