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Joe Biden Thinks 2 shots is enough

Originally Posted by mayosligo View Post
Not eve Joe can be this stupid. It is like he is trying to get attention to keep the focus of the registration and confiscation movement.
Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!

Of course he's not that stupid. It's nothing but political rhetoric to give a pleasing answer to folks who might be waffling.

You have people like us, who nothing the Bidens or DiFis or Obamas can say will make us doubt.

You have people who believe that guns are inherently evil things clawing at the insides of gun safes to get out and maliciously terrorize innocent victims by demonically possessing the bodies and trigger fingers of their now insentient hosts, causing them to murder victims senselessly. (Koolaide drinkers)

And you have a bunch of fence sitters who really never though about it much. At first they were shocked by Sandy Hook, and though yeah we do need to do something. Then it seemed like the gun grabbers were trying to go to far. And Joe is just trying to appear reasonable to them.

The middle group really has no clue that Joe's advice is going to land them in the slammer after it fails to stop the robbery. But Joe doesn't care.
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