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Gun laws, resources...

The LEOSA point is worth reviewing. Note that a update was made by President Obama in 2010.
For general use & legal issues, I'd use .
I'd carry your firearm on you as much as you can while on your family vacation.
Do NOT leave it in your POV(privately owned vehicle) for extended periods & do not stay in cheap, low end hotels, resorts.
I've worked in a few chain, low price hotels in my metro area doing armed security. Guests get spun out a lot or upset when they leave weapons, jewels, high end cameras, laptops, tools, etc then gripe about security.
Gun safes or security devices are handy.
Get your weapons insured too. Keep the serial #(s) & a few digital images in your smart phone too. If you travel or are on a trip, it could assist LE if you report a theft or you have a use of force event.

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