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LEOSA(2010 update), weapons...

From your picks, I'd select a new in box; Glock 23 .40 or maybe a new Glock 32 .357sig if it could be PODA(private owned, dept approved). I prefer the potent .357sig. It's popular with many sworn LE agencies & issued to LE officers in the Texas DPS, US Secret Service, NM State Police, FAMs.
A semi auto .40 or .357sig is a lot better than a 6 shot wheel gun in 2013.
Glock has a special price for sworn or retired sworn LE officers. See; . NOTE: due to huge demand & sky-rocketing prices, a few FFL holders/gun shops have cut the LE specials.

Speaking of retirement, don't forget the LEOSA(law enforcement officers safety act). It was signed into law by President Bush in the 2000s. A update was put in place in 2010 signed by President Obama. That could allow you to carry a sidearm(concealed firearm) when you retire. Check your state regulations or with your LE agency's legal affairs or HR office. You may need to qualify with your selected weapon for LEOSA. I looked at the state of CT's LEOSA training policy & they do not allow single action revolvers or semi-auto pistols. No P35 High Powers or 1911a1 .45s .
A .41magnum wheel gun can do well for defense/CC but a pistol is far better.

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