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I would be carrying my most fired weapon. 3,000+ rounds and all. My SIG P226. But don't have an IWB holster for it.
I think you answered your own question. When funds permit, get a holster for your 226 and carry it.

In fact, a side note...when I went to an advanced shooting class, the instructor made every person unload their guns, triple check it, then he checked it...then made every person throw it 10 feet in front of them. He wanted to simulate that in a firefight, you may drop your gun, get shot and lose it and have to get to it, and it's going to get dirty if it gets dropped.
Sure in a firefight I may drop my gun, but no one is going to deliberately make me throw my $500+ gun across the room just to prove a point. If it happens it happens, but until then it will stay in my hand or holster.
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