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Smart buys...

I'm a bit confused by the text in your post, are you saying; no Glocks?
In general, I'd buy a LE trade-in or brand new 92FS or a M9a1 type Beretta or maybe the .40 model; 96 or 96a1. There are a lot of after market parts, holsters, gear, etc for the M9/92FS.
You could buy a .40 model 96 & get a spare stainless .357sig barrel then get a after market .22LR kit(slide springs, magazine) to target shoot or plink.
SIG Sauer has the same system with the well made P229R DAK(DA only). You can pack a .40 or .357sig(with added barrel) then convert it to a .22LR.
See; .
For hiking or outdoors use(s) you may want to review a S&W Governor revolver. It could do well for snakes, small game, boars(wild pigs), etc.

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