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Originally Posted by BuckRub
I have a buckmark. Got it about ten yrs ago and still shoot it about every other week and at critters all the time. Most accurate handgun out there. I did the turn spring around from you tube and now it is even more amazing. Again, nothing but good things.
I have a 22/45 Target I would put shot for shot against your BuckMark. The BuckMark is certainly NOT the most accurate handgun out there. It is, however the better gun, compared to the M&P22. The BM has a proven track record, being capable of handling literally hundreds of thousands of rounds. The M&P22 is a new design, built by Walther, with very little time under its belt. Im not saying the M&P22 is not a fine pistol, but I would rather have a pistol that has proven itself, like the BM, over one, that really, no one knows how well will hold up over time. Get the BM.
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