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Range results from reciently returned custom shop P229 Special

As previously posted. My P229 Special Configuration went to the Custom Shop for a Action Enhancement Package, feed ramp polish, and SRT install. While it was there I had warranty work done for a FTE with the Extractor. It took one week from the time it was picked up at my front door, till it was returned. There was a weekend and Federal holiday included in that time span. I gave the Sig rep my CC for payment for the Custom Shop work, look what they charged me..The invoice reads like this:

I put 300 rounds through it today of all kinds of ammo. Not one issue with any of the various 9mm rounds from reloads to multiple brands of PP JHP. I limp wristed, shot weak handed, anything I could do to intentionally mess the gun up and it performed like a champ.
Needless to say the gun runs perfect and is fixed. I also ran several +2Mecgar Magazines that is for my P229 Dark Elite 40 S&W. It ran perfect with 9mm and I would bet my life on its reliability. (so any P229 E2 40S&W and 9mm magazines by Mecgar are interchangeable.)
The P229 was always a shooter but with the smoothed action, its a tack driver.
I fired alot of different weight personal protection rounds and all shot extremely accurate. Below is a pic of all 6 kinds of PP ammo. I loaded one round of each kind and shot them together in one 6 shot setting at 20 yards. All grouped pretty good for 6 different weights of bullets. I would bet I could lay them all on top of each other at 7 yards.:

Here is one magazine I shot at 50 yards with junk reload ammo. All 16 rounds are right in there. The sight at that distance covered the entire paper.

Above shows what the gun can easily do at 20 yards. Here is a 5 shot group of Remington 124JHP +P Golden Saber. This is a excellent but nasty round that is very controllable. There are many good ballistic test of this round on Youtube.

I highly recommend the entire Custom Shop package. It turns a great gun into a Outstanding performer. The double action feels like 2 lbs less and the single action feels 1lbs lighter. Every thing is smooth as glass. Its probably the best IDPA/combat/edc gun package you could ever ask for.

Pic of the mags I used:

FYI....The "Special Configuration" is a rare gun assembled with special options. These options are not all found on one gun unless it is a "Special Configuration".
Fiber optic tritium front sight, skeleton trigger, etc...are some of the options found that makes the gun rare. Sig Custom Shop releases these guns occasionally but in very limited run numbers and they cant be ordered. When one gets released, they dont sit on the shelf long (or ever).
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