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85 gr bthp 243 winchester

Sierra 85 gr bthp on top of imr 4350 Dime size groups kills deer with threw the shoulder heart lung shoots wild hogs die from it too. Shot a large deer straight on facing me two years ago at about 200 yards killed him too. Field dressing revealed I shot too high but instead of a heart shot the bullet went thew the arteries that branch out just inches above the heart he made about 25 yards before his blood pressure went too low to keep going. It's my go to bullet but I wonder about the solid copper barnes and the others in 80 to 85gr and how they would do but honestly can't expect better than what I got so far. It's a very low recoil round with the 85 gr bullet too. Some times I wish they would take that same 85gr bthp and add a polymer tip the mouth of the hollow point drags down the velocity some. But the deer don't have crono,s to check velocity with so they will never know.
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