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What do women carry?

I would like to know what handguns and holsters other women carry/wear. We have a different set of wardrobe problems than men and it is difficult to conceal a weapon on our bodies expecially with lightweight clothing required for summer (and for most of the year where I live). I have successfully concealed a compact revolver with a black waistband holster while wearing a black tank top, black slacks with a black overblouse but the Johnny Cash "woman in black" look is not something I want as a signature look and besides the Glock won't fit that way.

I have two handguns- a Glock 27 pistol and a S&W 642 revolver but neither one is very concealable or comfortable to wear. Waistband holsters are awkward, belly bands are uncomfortable and hot. Ankle holsters are awkward to reach and chafe badly and the revolver is really too heavy for one. Besides, long pants are way too hot to wear for any season but winter here. A purse poses its own set of problems while concealing better than lightweight clothing.

So... What do other women carry and how do they carry it?
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