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50gr. zmax help

Hey guys, I've already loaded the 55 grain vmax bullets and had a pet load for it that shot a solid group at 25 yards with iron sights on my ar, 16" barrell and 1:9 twist. However, the vmax is unavailable for a while and i had to settle on the 50 grain zmax, to my understanding, the vmax and zmax are the same except the colored polymer tip being red and green. I was wondering if you guys had any pet loads with the 50gr. zmax using cci small rifle primers, and aa-2015. Already looked at 3 sources and they all have different load data. thanks in advance for any help.
In case you were wondering about the 55 grain load, it was the vmax,, 25 grains of h335, cci 400 and range brass set to a COL of 2.22 . Give her a shot
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