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Instead of having one gun to do it all I like to have a gun for each role.

- Small pocketable .380 for concealed carry
- Compact 9mm for IWB concealed carry
- Full size 9mm/45 for home defense or woods carry
- .22 pistol for range use

For me at least that covers all my bases, although I still need to get a .45 out of the list. I don't like to own two guns that serve the same purpose, as I just see it as a waste since one will just sit in the safe not getting used. I am not really a collector, I just buy what I need. If there is something I want that fills the same need as something I already own, I will buy it and sell off one or the other, with the exception of .22's. Can never have enough .22's.

I wont get into long guns since this is the handgun forum.

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