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H&R 500 S&W

I know this thread is a couple of years old but I believe there isn't much info out there on this round and rifle so i though I'd put my experience out there regarding this rifle and round.

the cons: First off , this is a brutal round out of a handgun and even more so out of a light handi-rifle. Second factory ammo is expensive ,like 50+ dollars for a box of 20 from a well-known company. So you need to reload to afford to shoot this round unless you are independently wealthy.

the pros: it is a viable 'kill-anything in North America' gun and if you tune the round properly it can be real fun to shoot The gun it's self is very inexpensive. And if you load it to under 1200 PSI in the rifle it have a lot of FP of energy and will not blood-shoot the meat like hypersonic rounds will.

I actually bought one of these for my petite wife. She is going to deer hunt this year for the first time. I was in a motorcycle accident last June that crippled me for life and I can't afford to chase down deer. So ,knowing what i know about large calibers and large meplat bullets I knew I would have no worries that this would drop a deer easily from 0-75 yrds with a red dot scope. I really had to cut the stock way down for her. My chrono read 1183 fps shooting a Lee 440 grain bullet over 11.3 grains of Unique with recoil that was equivilent to a 20 ga shotgun and muzzle energy of 1376 which BTW doesn't change much @ 75 yards with that heavy bullet.

Hope this post will help a few people looking for info on the S&W out of a rifle.
BTW here a good link for reloading this round for the H&R:
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