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Unique is a pretty forgiving powder. I normally load a little shorter OAL than is often listed in .45 apc and 9 mm because I need to for certain pistols. The magazine and chamber will determine the max OAL you can use. Not all pistols are equal.

I would still use the listed starting point for the OAL you need to use. Since it is shorter than the one used in your data I would not try any at the max level. I would stay at least .1 grains under the max level since using a shorter OAL will increase pressures. If you were going to have to load .060" shorter I would suggest adjusting the max and min levels .2 grains less. This should keep you out of those +P loads. I do this with powders that allow me to to have a 1 grain or more spread from min to max levels. Powders with narrow spreads I try to avoid in pistol loads.
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