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Probably has something to do with the shorter sight radius.
Yeah, logic dictates that the shorter the sight radius the LESS you need to adjust the sights. But in my case its the other way around.

Next time on the range I'll take a look through the barrel, aim it at the target and then look where the sights are aiming at. That way I can make sure that the sights are not mounted tilted/off center etc.
I have seen it put rounds off target at 25m...and usually, IME, a right handed shooter will tend to tilt it in toward the body (left)
How can I make sure that I'm not tilting the gun?

The quickest way to determine if the cause is with the rifle or the shooter, have another person (preferrably an equally good/bad shot) shoot the rifle to see if the "problem" disappears, or remains.
Thats a good idea, though its funny how hard it is to find people which are a good shot with iron sights these days, everyone shoots either scopes or vernier target sights nowadays.
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