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Be prepared for it to roam around if you let it... And if it ever see's you or anyone else walking around with a gun it will get excited.

Our neighbors GSP is an example of a dog with a high prey drive but is not taken out nearly enough to satisfy those needs. It ruined a day of hunting for me last deer season when it saw that I was walking around with camouflage and a gun. Dog got excited and took off making huge running circles through the woods in every direction, occasionally barking and scaring off every deer that heard any of it. We had to call the neighbor to keep its shock collar on to keep it out of the woods.

They are intelligent, and they get bored and frustrated that they are not hunting and it affects their behavior. Many are high strung. Take them out for a run.

As far as a way to keep one entertained and trained in the yard. You could do something similar to how they train bomb/drug dogs. Get 4 boxes and hide a bird in one of them. Reward the dog for pointing to the one with the bird in it. Then increase number of boxes. Never show the dog where it is, make it listen and use its nose to find it.
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