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Shooting waaay left - Help!


I need some help: I'm always shooting to the left with rifles when using iron sights.

Caliber, type of rifle, type of sights, doesn't matter, I always have to push the front sight waaay left to get to the center.
Strangely it gets worse the shorter the sight radius gets, one of my rifles has a 17'' barrel and v notch front post sights and I was hitting a FOOT left at 50 yds.
Even with the front sight all the way left now I'm still hitting 2'' to the left at 50yds. Its just frustrating, and the front sight pushed so far to the left that it is almost falling off its base looks ugly.

And yes, I'm getting very good consistent groups out to 100yds, once I managed to shoot a group which I could almost cover with my thumb at 100yds - with my Swedish Mauser using irons.

Whats going on?
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