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I have several guns purchased from the GM in Charleston, WV. I bought a Ruger 380 pocket semi auto there last summer but that's probably going to be my last.

I used to find some nice prices there up until about two years ago. I got a perfect GP100 for $400. A mint Smith 686 for $400, (couldn't believe that one)
A new Bersa Thunder 380 for $250 and at least three other nice buys. You can't do that anymore. I don't know who's buying guns there now but it sure isn't anyone that's well informed.

I was in there a couple weeks ago and they had about 10 Beretta FS 92s that were in terrible condition. They looked about as bad as a gun can look. I think they were wanting $550. These guns had so much wear they had to be shot out. Looked like they had been in combat for some time. $550?

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