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The serial number.
Ok thats correct, but I mean feature by feature. For the 1st model K-22, SN range 632124 to 682419 without a prefix, the K-22 2nd model SN range is 682420 to 696952, and the post war guns have a K prefix. Since you were right anyways, here are all the differences:

K-22 1st model aka outdoorsman - patent dates on top of barrel, pre war long action, 5 screw, small adjustable sight, pre war hammer or optional humpback hammer, one line company address. Small logo on left side or large logo on right side. Diamond small silver medallion service grips standard or pre war diamond magna grips as an option. 1931 to 1939 production, a little over 17k produced.

K-22 2nd model aka K-22/40 - patent dates on top of barrel, short action, 5 screw, post war micrometer adj sight which is flush with top strap of frame, hammer has speed notch. One line company address. Large logo on right side only. Diamond small silver medallion service grips standard, then magna grips optional. Pre war diamond magna grips made standard during production. 1067 made in 1940 only - AFAIK, no 1941 specimens found to date.

K-22 3rd model aka post war K-22 - has sold barrel rib (no patent dates on barrel), short action, 5 or 4 screw (later a 3 screw as model 17), post war adj rear sight which is raised from frame, speed (aka fish hook) hammer, standard K frame hammer, or wide target hammer. Large logo on right side. 1 line company address (early post war), and 2 line company address begin 1948 approx. Standard with post war diamond grips, then unrelieved diamond targets, followed by relieved diamond targets, until approx 1968 when diamond removed (3 screw frame by then as well). Manufactured from 1946 to 1956 as 5 screw, then from 1956 to 1958 approx as K-22 pre model 17, then after 1957/58 as 4 screw model 17. Tens of thousands produced (not sure exact number)
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