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The S&W 10xx series of guns are all heavily-built and quite rugged and I've never seen nor heard of any problems with them that could be directly attributed to the use of "full power" ammunition. The 10xx series, and the 1076 in particular, did experience a few growing pains including issues with the decocker lever and a redesign of the grips (the originals could break in such a way that they tied up the gun if dropped just right) but those were sorted out long ago.

That being said, if a person wanted to shoot a steady diet of "full power" 10mm ammunition through a S&W 10xx series gun, replacing the recoil and magazine springs with extra power ones wouldn't be a bad idea. The factory recoil spring in the 1076 is 17lbs which I suspect was chosen to ensure reliable functioning with the downloaded "FBI Lite" level loadings. For heavier loadings, a stiffer recoil spring (I prefer a 22lb spring) will not only reduce the force with which the slide impacts the frame, but also prevent premature opening of the slide which can cause large extreme spreads in velocity. I would also recommend increased power magazine springs as the increase in stripping pressure will slow the slide's forward movement and thus prevent the slide from closing with excessive force.

I've made these modifications to my own 1076 because most of my 10mm shooting is with medium-to-full power defensive ammo like Winchester Silvertip, Hornady XTP, Double Tap, and Buffalo Bore or medium-to-full power handloads (my regular practice loading is a 180gr cast bullet over 10gr of Blue Dot, but I've been considering working that upward a bit). Even with this spring setup, I've only experienced a few isolated malfunctions with very lightly loaded ammunition such as Prvi Partizan and light Unique handloads.
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