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Ive been hunting hogs since I was old enough to walk and all we do is gut it as soon as possible and if its a boar cut the testicles off asap (makes them taste better.) If there is going to be some time before you get a chance to skin it (sooner the better) pack it full of bagged ice. If you do get one, quarter it an put it in a cooler then pack it down with ice. I leave my pigs in a cooler full of ice water and about 4 ounces of vinegar for 2-3 days and it actually helps pull the gaminess out. Take yourself plenty of water to rinse the meat with. You may want to bring a bottle of Coca cola for yourself. Pour it on your hands and it will pull the blood off just like soap then rinse with water. Oh, just so you know the hide on a hog is fairly tough so a good sharp knife is needy and a sharpening stone is always handy haha. Good luck to ya! Where abouts are you hunting?
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