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I don't use any "U" dies as I don't own any firearms that won't run ammo resized to factory specs. The lube you use has a lot to do with how "sticky" rounds are. I load rifle on 4,5 and 8 station progressives for match ammo all of the time.

The cone in the powder hopper doesn't matter as much as the powder you are using. Neither the Hornady or Dillon powder measures like extruded powders much but both do very well with ball powders, IMO.

Bottle neck rifle cases must be done in at least two steps even on the best of progressives. Size/deprime and trim in pass 1 then load on the 2nd pass.

Doing much more than that defeats their usefulness.

Oh and with the correct size mandrill the Dillon PC die will alert to even slightly high or low charges down to 2.5g, the smallest I throw.
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