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I have owned, shot and reloaded for more the one example each of the 1076, 1026 and 1006 since about the time 10MM dies and bullets became available. So long ago in fact, that initially, the only .400" bullets available were the 180 grain soft points designed for the .38-40. I have used the original factory Norma, and much more recently Buffalo Bore, other manufacturers' "real" 10MM ammo in all these guns. No problems. In fact the S&Ws handle all the ammo I ever shot without any of the buffers and extra heavy recoil springs,etc mentioned just about any time the 10MM cartridge fired in the 1911 platform is discussed. BTW I checked some of my old chronograph data, and by "real" 10MM ammo I meant loads like the factory Norma 170 at 1293fps, 200 at 1218fps, Corbon 135 at 1475, Buffalo Bore 180 at 1380 fps,etc., and equivalent reloads. I chronographed these velocities in 5" guns, velocities in the 1076 with 4.25" barrel were a little less,e.g., the 200 grain Norma averaged 1186 fps in the 1076.

I mention these actual velocities just to illustrate some of the warmer factory ammo that worked fine in my 1076s. In short, I did not, and would not, hesitate to use any quality 10MM ammo in a 1076, or other S&W 10MM semi-auto or revolver...ymmv
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