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I never feel bad when I see someone shooting tighter groups than me. I might try and pick their brains or get them to coach my shooting.. But I sure try and not look at it like it's a contest. Just a bunch of goofolios out shooting for the day.

And any time I feel like my performance is not "good enough" I'm really confident that practice will improve that performance.

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In my case it was being staged between Kim Dyer the women's national champion and Bonnie Harmon, men's national champion at the All Army pistol matches. I talked to him about my front sight problem and he told me to think of the front sight as being connected to the trigger and when I squeezed my trigger I was trying to maneuver the sight back through the center of the rear sight. It added 15 points to my average. Still not a winner in that level but it got me into the top 100 shooters. I even beat Kim on a 22 rapid fire string with x's and there was no way I could do that the day before. I won't tell you what her scores compared to my 45 scores were like. I could get close but never match her. You won't learn if you don't ask.

I use the same trick when I am shooting rifles and it helps even more because of the extra distance involved. I had good days and bad days before, sometimes on the same day but bad days diminished a bunch after that little trick got burned into my 3 working gray cells.
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