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Originally Posted by Yankee Traveler
How many threads have been on this forum alone asking the best choice of HD weapon? Amongst the responses, how many are "shotgun"?
Actually, quite a few... and if you browse the shotgun forum, the topic of using a shotgun for HD comes up all the time. Whether it's the "best" or not is a matter of opinion-- there are a lot more factors than just how many and what kind of rounds you want to be able to fire at an intruder. And I think it's easy to overlook that a shotgun -- a plain-Jane pump model -- is probably the best "bang for the buck" for people who don't have a lot of money to spend. I'd rather see someone get a $200 pump gun at a pawnshop, and use whatever money they have left for ammo, training, and shooting time, than have them spend hundreds for an AR or a decent handgun that they then won't be able to afford to train with -- if they can afford such a gun at all.

So Mr. Biden is not only giving poor advice about gun choice, being sexist, and advising behavior that's likely illegal -- he's also being classist and discriminatory toward poor folks by telling them they're supposed to go out and buy double-barreled shotguns -- last time I looked, they were just a tad more expensive than pump guns...
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