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Gun signs on front door: deterrent or target?

Originally Posted by FLGlocker23 View Post
Dogs really are the best way to go. mans best friend, acts as a deterrent, also acts as a free early alert security system so u know those BGs are coming before they even get to the front porch.
+ about 200 on this.

Dogs and people have been hanging around together for about 10-15K years because its a relationship that works.

If you get in my house without one or both of my dogs barking their fool heads off it's because you're either me or my wife. Just being with me or my wife is inadequate. If you're a stranger, you're getting barked at. And I don't tell the dogs to hush and be quiet. I tell them good boy and reward them. They quiet down once they get the treat. This is behavior I don't want to stop.

They know who belongs in the pack. There are six pack members; me, my wife, the "big dog" (who's knee high), the little dog (ankle high), and the two cats. Everybody else gets a dog barking party.
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