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And yet I yearn for a 232 as one of the prettiest guns out there... I love the way it looks and feels, but it would serve me almost no purpose at all bar giving me goose-bumps...

If there was one thing I could change from that list above it would be the caliber.

Why, oh why can't this gun not be capable of handling 9x19... Stupid physics...

Why, oh why must I be attracted to guns that cost so much... Stupid economics...
So, welcome to the gun club. Home of moral dilemmas and artistic cravings beyond anything you've ever dealt with! You think this crowd of enablers is going to talk you down?

Have you ever thought - just thought, never said out loud to anyone - those kids wouldn't miss 475.00... dollars, euros, whatever... from their college fund. That's still 11 years off. A couple of good years of interest rates and it will all be be back...

Welcome! LOL!
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