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I spent a lot of time in Dimensional Metrology and worked on a lot of Brunson jig transits and transit squares, bore sight telescopes, autocollimators and theodolites.

You must be gifted of extreme patience to be good at it as anything you do imparts heat into the system which immediately begins to soak into the setup and starts the inevitable drift.

I spent 40 years with Boeing and did a lot of calibration. It is a game for young folks with really good eyes. By the time you really get good at it, your eyes begin to give you problems. At least mine did.

I enjoyed all aspects of metrology but I am not the least bit concerned about it now.

I try to incorporate the things I learned into my shooting and attention to detail is one of the things that pays pretty good dividends in working up loads as well as consistency in shooting.

The more variables you can control, the less there are to ruin your day.

Carpe Cerveza
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