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I am so glad that I have not run into some of you guys at the matches where I used a Hämmerli 208 or Walther GSP. I would have been humiliated.

Follow up Quote:
Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing. I used to feel pretty good about my NRA Expert classification, but now that I know what goes on out there, I'm a bit embarrassed.
I've always felt that in shooting, more than any other sport or endeavor, matches were all about PERSONAL scoring and improvement much more than comparing to other shooters.

Seeing some shooter you've seen lots of times before, and who is known for great targets, suddenly throw a flier, for example, is kind of a let down to the rest of the participants - even though his scores may still be way higher than others.

I never feel bad when I see someone shooting tighter groups than me. I might try and pick their brains or get them to coach my shooting.. But I sure try and not look at it like it's a contest. Just a bunch of goofolios out shooting for the day.

And any time I feel like my performance is not "good enough" I'm really confident that practice will improve that performance.

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