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Opinions Please: Which .30-06?

Originally Posted by Shep View Post
Anyone have any experience with the Tikka T3? It's not one that I've thought about before now, but I've seen several mentions of Tikkas on TFL.

...and thanks!
My son-in-law and his family have found the Tikka T3 to be very accurate. I have a Sako A7 in .30-06 that is very similar to the handling of the T3 and probably has the same barrel. Light, trim and well balanced at 6.5 lbs. barrel is hammer forged and looks like a mirror inside.

The T3 has more plastic than the A7 but is $100-$200 cheaper normally. About $560 for synth/blued and $660 for synth/stainless and it comes left handed.

Both have a single stack 3rd magazine which enables some of the trimness in the stock.
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