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To the FN's credit, it cycled around 150 rounds before jamming up. I don't know what happened to the pistols but it seems that neither person was able to fix the problem quickly so I am thinking something more complex than a stovepipe. Additionally, upon review of the news reports and blurbs of testimony, it is not clear if the suspect's gun jammed up twice during the encounter with police or just a reload needed when he kicked her pistol and then a jam when he engaged Sgt. Todd. It was reported by Sgt. Munley that Nadal was having problems with his pistol when he was near her. A nearby military officer picked up the jammed up FN and cleared it because he thought there could be more than one shooter and he wanted to be armed.

If the weapons were clean and lubricated then my guess would be that the malfunctions were a product of the dynamics of high stress fire meaning shooter induced somehow. I do know that Sgt. Munley was wounded on one hand at some point. I wonder if that was a contributing factor. Hopefully, more analysis will come out over time by the experts who have direct access to the details.

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