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Two come mind right off.
In a DQ, wife said a lady was behind me talking to three LEO's and pointing at my waist. She said they all were turned and looking too. A few seconds later she starting giggling as the lady returned to her table.

I asked what happened. She said one of the officers said it looked like a S&W and she shouldn't worry since it was a good gun to carry and the others nodded and agreed and went back to eating.

A friend and I had missed connections for a few months. One day, on Westover Hills Blvd, 500 block for those who know the area in Richmond. we saw each other and stopped beside the road to talk.
I was having lots of trouble with my L-4. I was also carrying in the small of my back. I was standing outside his truck and we were catching up and his wife was fussing about the delay in getting to Mcdonalds. Over and over I might add. said she was hungry. :clap:

Well, all of a sudden she pipes up with "WOW! Look at that! WTH????"
I turned to my left and see three police cars coming down the wrong side of the road, and 4-5 on the other side as those came flying over the median.
I looked to my right and 4 or more were coming form the other direction and crossing the median. There we 2-4 cops in each car too!
I stood still as they were scrambling and pointing pistols across the hood, and through the windows of the truck. One was even covering the wife. Most were behind me and saying not to move, etc..... Two put their hands on my back and said hold still while one disarmed me. Harve looks at me and the 7-8 guns pointed at us through the windshield and over the hood and says "Whoowee! Those look big from this end! I've never looked at one from here before!" (About as many LEO's had guns drawn behind us too.) I agreed as the PD patted me down and I handed them my license. Most even had fingers on the trigger.
As the one in charge said he saw me and the gun, he didn't pay it any attention until he realized my hand appeared to be on it and he thought I was going to shoot the truck occupants. In truth, and I started to explain it, because I was using my knuckle to alieve(sp) some of my back pain. People with back pain will understand this.

The wife suddenly and plaintively says "I ain't even hungry now, let's go home." She was almost in tears. Well, that tore it and Harve and I were laughing so hard I was down to my knees and THIS REALLY ****** the PD off! Through our tears, Harve and I tried to explain it while 4-5 PD were lecturing us on how NOT funny the situation really was. We knew that, but the timing, facial expressions, etc. overrode common sense.
I'm giggling as I write this, btw.

If you get anything of use from this, it's to hold still, don't go into an aggressive mode, ie; chin out, chest puffed up, tense up and resist the PD. Just relax. They want to go home too and in tense situations, sudden moves can get somebody hurt.
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