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If you like the XD, I'd definitely suggest checking out the M&P. To me it has superior ergonomics. It also has a lower bore axis, so it even has lower felt recoil.

The XD is indeed a fine choice if you choose to go that route. Springfield Armory and Smith & Wesson have the finest customer service in the industry.

Regarding the HKs... everyone is different, but I have owned numerous USPs, USP Compacts, P2000s, and a P30. I like the way HKs look - and I like the way they feel. I generally think they have a sub-par factory trigger. The double action is heavy and usually has a lot of creep. not very smooth like a good(old) Sig. The single action is pretty good though. Usually breaks nice and crisp. My biggest problem with HKs is that I could never nail down how to shoot them well. They're really the only gun type that I'm just terribly inaccurate with. I can shoot circles around the HK with Glock, M&P, Sig, and XD pistols... I'm not blaming this on the gun. They're mechanical accuracy is good... but something about them just never shot well for me. Very irritating because I really like them!

These days I'm mostly sticking with Glocks and M&Ps. I have others, but for defensive/carry use, it's pretty much always one or the other.
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