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Since when is .308 inherently more accurate than 30-06? I thought they were both essentially just as accurate as eachother with the 06' flying slightly straighter due to it's velocity advantage. Either way 06 is plently accurate enough. I've seen hits at over 1000yrds with a match M1 Garand w/ iron sights, no optics. I could be wrong but I believe it was done with military surplus ammo too.
I agree. The more I shoot, the more I disregard even the most revered 'experts' views on a cartridge's "inherent accuracy".
As far as I'm concerned, 90% of it comes down to one thing: that rifled tube we send the bullets through.
A good barrel does amazing things.
A mediocre barrel does mediocre things.
The other 10% is controlled by how that barrel is attached to, and interacts with, the rest of the rifle.
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