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Mas Ayoob and Dave Workman have both weighed in on Biden's comments.

From Massad Ayoob:

Originally Posted by Massad Ayoob

Defending your home against (predictably multiple) home invaders with a two-shot weapon is rather like being forced into a boxing match alone against multiple opponents in the ring at once, and agreeing that you’ll stop punching after you’ve swung twice. And if you’re going to just use it as a noisemaker, the way the VP supposedly told his wife to do, it follows both your punches in that full-contact, bare-knuckle fight are gonna just have to be shadow-boxing “air punches.”
From Dave Workman:

Originally Posted by Dave Workman

While the firearms industry is no doubt grateful that the vice president wants to boost the sale of double-barrel shotguns – he didn’t advise buying pumps or semi-autos – there are no doubt legions of volunteer firearms and hunter education instructors cringing in every corner of the nation. Folks who operate advanced firearms training schools, such as Thunder Ranch, Firearms Academy of Seattle, Insights Training and Gunsite Academy would advise other courses of action, and graduates of those courses might be pounding their heads against walls.
The only objection I have to Workman's comment is his use of the word "might." This thread shows that he should have used a more definite word.

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